CCNA Day 04

Subnetting means dividing the network into multiple small networks
Another way to conserve IP addresses, like CIDR, IPv6 and private addresses, is the use of Subnetting. This method of dividing full network address classes into smaller pieces has helped prevent complete IP address exhaustion.
It is impossible to cover TCP/IP without mentioning Subnetting. As a system administrator, you must understand Subnetting as a means of dividing and identifying separate networks throughout the LAN.
It is not always necessary to subnet a small network, but for large or extremely large networks, but for large or extremely large networks, Subnetting is required
Decimal Notation for First Host OctetNumber of subnetsNumber of Class A Hosts Per SubnetNumber of Class B Hosts Per SubnetNumber of Class C Host Per Subnet
Here we need to find out
a.)    Network ID
b.)    Minimum IP Range
c.)    Maximum IP Range
d.)    Broadcast
Benefits of Subnetting:
i)  We can able to save IP address by creating subnet
ii)  Broadcast Domain Breaking occurs
iii) Highly secure - any other network cannot enter if Subnetting implemented