CCNA Day 01

IP Addressing

IPV4 consists of 4 Octet, each Octet contains 8 Bit, Hence it an IP address consists of 32 Bits

Definition of IP:

The word "IP" means "Internet Protocol"

IP address provides a logical address to the host. MAC address provides a physical address to the host. IP provides a connectivity between to devices or host, one device can easily communicate between each if, each the devices or host on the same network.

If the two devices or host are in different network then we required "Router" to create communication between the two devices
You may required a little clarification about the words "Host", "MAC Address", "Network" and "Router", here are the simple definition for the same

"Host" is nothing but a "PC" or "Computer"

"MAC Address" MAC means Media Access Control! MAC address consists of Six Octet, each Octet contains 8 Bits hence a MAC address consists of 48 Bits.

Example: AA.F0.C1.E2.77.51

"Network" Network is a collection of multiple host to establish communication between all the host inside the loop.

"Router" is a device which is used to establish a communication between two different networks

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